May 17, 2017

SSC Rescrutiny Result 2017 and Process

SSC Rescrutiny Result 2017
! Secondary School Certificate
SSC result 2017
for all education board will be published on 04th May 2017. After publishing the Result you can apply for
SSC Rescrutiny or SSC Puno Nirikkhon or SSC Board Challange 2017
. Every year a lot of students are attending in SSC examination. But it’s a matter of great regret that a large number of students can’t pass in SSC examination. Now I am showing you
how to apply SSC Re-scrutiny
and how to check
SSC Rescrutiny Result 2017 system
Sometimes due to our Education Board official mistakes, some result become changed and the student can't get the desired result. For this reason, our education Board released a process for Revision your exam paper after publishing the result. Every failed student can do SSC Board Challange / Khata Challenge if he/she can't satisfy about his/her result. Today we will share with you all the process for applying in SSC Re-Scrutiny 2017. Hope you will be able to make a challenge for SSC examination 2017.

SSC Rescrutiny is known as “Khata Challenge” and “Board Challenge” to us. SSC result 2017 published on 4 May 2017 at 2:00 PM. After publishing the result you can apply for SSC Khata Challenge (Puno Nirikkhon). This is the opportunity for Re-Check your SSC Result 2017. For doing this task you need to follow some method. In this post, we will share with all the process to get SSC Rescrutiny Result 2017. If you don’t get your desired result in SSC examination result, you can take an action against your result to Bangladesh Education Board.

Apply For SSC Rescrutiny 2017 By SMS

If you keep ready the Requirements to Apply for Re-check your Answer Paper, Now follow below method for check
SSC Rescrutiny system 2017
. Just go to your mobile's Message option from your Teletalk Prepaid SIM. Now type from SMS format.

First Message for SSC Rescrutiny 2017 Program: 

RSC<space>First Three Letter of Board Name<space>Roll No<Space>Subject Code and send to 16222
General Education Board
RSC<>space>DHA<space>10345<space>123 and send to 16222
Madrasa Board
RSC<>space>Mad<space>15345<space>123 and send to 16222
Technical Education Board
RSC<>space>Tech<space>17345<space>123 and send to 16222

Second Message for SSC Rescrutiny 2017 Program

In the following message, you will get an SMS which will tell you how much money need for this application process. After paying the full amount you will get a PIN number for the last task. The application will charge you 125 Taka Only.
RSC<space>YES<space>PIN number<space>Contact Number and send to 16222
RSC<space>YES<space>654321<space>01710000000 and send to 16222
For those subject which has two part will charge you 250 Taka Only. You can complete this process by following the above task easily.After reviewing all the examination paper for the students who applied for the
SSC Rescrutiny result 2017
. Our education Board will be published a result for those students. Every year a large number of results are changing through this process. It’s an easy and reliable process for all the students and parents to apply in Board challenge.

Check SSC Rescrutiny Result 2017

After publishing the result you can get your result from our website without facing any problems and troubles. Here we share all the result for specific Education Board in Bangladesh.
  • SSC Rescrutiny Result 2017 Dhaka Board
  • SSC Rescrutiny Result 2017 Rajshahi Board
  • SSC Rescrutiny Result 2017 JessoreBoard
  • SSC Rescrutiny Result 2017 SylhetBoard
  • SSC Rescrutiny Result 2017 Chittagong Board
  • SSC Rescrutiny Result 2017 BarishalBoard
  • SSC Rescrutiny Result 2017 ComillaBoard
  • SSC Rescrutiny Result 2017 DinajpurBoard
  • SSC Rescrutiny Result 2017 Technical Board
  • SSC Rescrutiny Result 2017 Madrasa Board
In conclusion, If you don't get your desired result, then this the best opportunity for Re-check your result, Khata Challange and Board Challenge. After that, your can find your
SSC Rescrutiny Result 2017
here. If you have any question about this, then just leave a simple comment using the comment box. I'll reply you asap.

Bangladesh SSC Result 2017 Published [Pass Rate 80.35%]

Bangladesh SSC Result 2017
Published Today (May 4, 2017). Today Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid hand over the result sheet with Prime Minister
Sheikh Hasina
at 10:00 AM. After that on 12:00 PM on Education Board make a press conference and officially declared the
SSC Result 2017
. In this year pass rate is 90.4%. This is year 1.8M SSC candidates are attended on the exam under the 8th General education board, Madrasah Board, and Technical education board. In here I am showing you, How to collect your
SSC Exam Result 2017
with Online and Mobile SMS system. Just follow all below instruction for getting instant SSC and Dakhil Result.

Bangladesh SSC Result 2017 Published [Pass Rate 80.35%]

Bangladesh SSC Result 2017

After publishing any result of Bangladesh education board, this is the very common question that, how to collect the desired result. Maximum time the official website of Bangladesh education board got down for server or technical problems. But you can also collect your
SSC Result 2017
by SMS. If you use any Teletalk sim, then you can collect your result at fast and quickly. At present many systems are available of collect any result of
Bangladesh education board
. But nowadays Online internet, and Mobile SMS is the most popular for collect any
SSC Result 2017 BD
. Don't worry, today I am going to share all methods for check your result instantly.

SSC Exam Result 2017 by official website

If you're an SSC candidates, then your 1st choice would be must official website. I mean Online internet. Yes, You can check your full SSC Exam Result 2017 by using official website of Bangladesh education board. Just follow below methods for collect your desired SSC Result 2017 Bangladesh.

Bangladesh SSC Result 2017 Published [Pass Rate 80.35%]

Nowadays examine are also like
for collect their
Bangladesh SSC Results 2017
. This is another official result publication system of the education board. You can easily collect your result with full Mark sheet. Here can't find any server problems. Now let's start and see how to collect
Bangladesh SSC Result 2017
with the official website.

➦ Step1: Go to
➦ Step2: Select "
" on "Exam" column.
➦ Step3: Select 2017 on Year column.
➦ Step4: Select your Education Board Name from Board column.
➦ Step5: Type your Roll and Reg Number on next two boxes.
➦ Step6: Then solve math question (Captcha Code).
➦ Step7: Hit "Submit" button.
I hope you got understand about how to collect S.S.C Result 2017 BD with the official website of Bangladesh Education Board. This is very easy. You can also find your full SSC mark sheet here.

SSC Result 2017 Check by SMS

A most dependable way for Check SSC Result 2017 by SMS. You can do it from any operator of Bangladesh. But if you try from Teletalk mobile, then you would get best facilities for check your SSC Exam Result 2017 of eboardresults.
If you see above image, then you can clearly understand about how to check SSC Exam Result 2017 via mobile SMS. After all, I am sharing the full SMS type. Get it or note it form below.
SSC<space>CHI<space>REGISTRATION_NO<space>2017 send it to 16222.
Note it, In above CHI, is the example board name of Chittagong board. You should need to change it with your education board name 1st there letters. I hope you got it that, how to check any SSC Result 2017 by SMS.

SSC Exam Result 2017 BD Analyze

Let me do a simple analyze about SSC Exam 2017. In this year SSC examination was held under 8th general education board, Madrasah Board, and Technical education board. Total 1.8 Million candidates have attended on Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam on this year. After 60 days end of the exam, Today publishing the
SSC Exam Result 2017
. See the below tables about this year SSC Result 2017 all education board.

 Board Name Short Codes Total Candidates Pass Rate
 Dhaka BoardDHA 425,454 %
 Chittagong BoardCHI 113,135 % 
 Sylhet BoardSYL 85,202 % 
 Comilla BoardCOM 169,008 % 
 Jessore BoardJES 145,909 % 
 Rajshahi BoardRAJ 163,121 % 
 Barishal BoardBAR 82,279 % 
 Dinajpur BoardDIN 153,525 % 
 Madrasah BoardMAD 237,077 % 
 Technical BoardTECH 99846 % 
This is the simple table with full information of Bangladesh all education board. From this table, you can also collect your Education board short code, that mean first 3 letters of every education board.
Important for you:

In conclusion, I hope you got very helped by finding this article about your
SSC Result 2017 Bangladesh
. Today (4th May 2017) is a very important day for every SSC candidates. Don't be afraid about your result. Be confident yourself. Hope something will goods waiting for you. If you have any questions, then tell me by using the comment box. I'll reply you ASAP.

SSC Scholarship Result 2017 and Full Details

SSC Scholarship Result 2017
! Secondary School Certificate(in shot SSC) exam result will be published on May 4, 2017. All the education board of Bangladesh will publish the result on their official website. After publishing this result, you can check your
SSC Result 2017
from the Official Website of “
Bangladesh Education Board
”. Today we will share with you all the information of
SSC Scholarship 2017
. By following this article you will be learned about your Secondary School Certificate
SSC scholarship result 2017
and full details about it. So let’s start.
There are about Ten Education Board in Bangladesh and these are (Dhaka Board, Chittagong Board, Sylhet Board, Rajshahi Board, Comilla Board, Barisal Board, Jessore Board, Dinajpur Board, Madrasa Board & Technical Board). Every year a lot of students are attending in SSC examination. In this year all the SSC examine are waiting for their desired SSC Scholarship Result 2017. After publishing the SSC result, you will get your Scholarship result from your Education Board's website. In here I am sharing full details about your SSC scholarship 2017. Even you can check your result from our website. We are providing all kinds of Education Results, Notices, Routines and update.

When SSC Scholarship Result 2017 will Published?

It is the most common question for all the students. Usually, all the Public examination result of Bangladesh Education Boards are published within 60 Days. If you make a remarkable result in the Secondary School Certificate Examination 2017, you can keep your in the
SSC Scholarship Result 2017
on your education board. Because of every year, a large number of students are getting Scholarship from their Board for a Good Result. The Education Ministry of Bangladesh is giving this Scholarship for some criteria. We are now briefing about this topics.

  • Students must be a citizen of Bangladesh.
  • The scholarship is depending on their Higher Education process.
  • Only the selected students will get the Stipend for the good results.
Also Check:
SSC Rescrutiny Result 2017 and Process

The facilities after getting SSC Scholarship 2017

You know that every year Bangladesh getting a lot of amount for developing their education system. United Nation, UNDP, USAID, UNESCO and other large organization are giving fund to Bangladesh for helping the students of Bangladesh.  If you get the Scholarship for your SSC result, you will get better opportunities for higher education. Students will get a different amount for different categories.

  • Talentpool Grade- Students will get 600/- Taka per month.
  • General Grade- Students will get 300/- taka per month.
You will get the amount for Two (2) years in your college life or other education purposes

SSC Scholarship Result 2017 for all Education Board

The SSC Scholarship result will be published on the Last month of this year. Student’s can get their result from their own education board. If you don’t know How to get SSC Scholarship Result 2017. don’t worry we are here for you. Please check in below for all Education Board SSC Scholarship Result 2017.
  • SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Dhaka Board
  • SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Chittagong Board
  • SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Rajshahi Board
  • SSC Scholarship Result 2017 JessoreBoard
  • SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Comilla Board
  • SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Barishal Board
  • SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Sylhet Board
  • SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Dinajpur Board
  • SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Madrasa Board
  • SSC Scholarship Result 2017 Technical Board
After publishing the Scholarship result, we will update the download link for this result. You can easily find your result from our website by downloading the file. I hope you got helped by found this article for your SSC Scholarship 2017. We always publish educational information for all Bangladeshi students. Once the SSC Scholarship result got published, then you check your desired result here.

If you feel any problem to get your SSC Scholarship result 2017, please give a comment in our post. We will try to solve this as soon as possible. Hope you will be helpful by reading this article. Visit our website regularly for more updates and information.

Dakhil Result 2018 by Madrasah Education Board

Hello, dear students! Hope your exam was fine. In this article, I am going to share
Dakhil Result 2018
Madrasah Education Board
of Bangladesh. Dakhil is the another program of Madrasah student. Before attending Dakhil exam, every student must need to complete class 9 and class 10 under the Madrasah Board. This is the same level program of Secondary School Certificate. It is another biggest public examination in Bangladesh of Madrasah board.
Dakhil Exam Result 2018 will publish on 4th May 18
Every year a big number of Madrasah's students are attending Dakhil examination. Today I am sharing how to get Dakhil Exam Result 2017 by officially Bangladesh Madrasah education board (

This is not hard to get your result. You can easily collect your Dakhil result 2018 by following some easy steps. After passing of Junior Dakhil exam, every Madrasah student can attend the Secondary program. After complete their class 9 and 10 studies, a student can attend on Dakhil Exam under the Madrasah board. After that student is looking for how to get their Dakhil Exam Result 2018. Don't worry. In this post, I am sharing all official methods for collecting Madrasah Board Dakhil Result 2017. You can collect the following result through Internet, Mobile SMS and Android apps. Now let me discuss all methods for getting your result.

Dakhil Result 2018 by Madrasah Education Board

How to get Dakhil Result 2018 by Online

Dakhil and SSC are same examinations in Bangladesh. Dakhil Result will publish at the same time of
SSC Exam Result 2018
. So, never tension about your result. In this post, I am showing you
how to get Dakhil Result 2017 by online
. You know guys, Online is the most popular way for getting any result with mark sheet of
Bangladesh Education Board
. Another 2 methods are also available for getting Dakhil Exam Result. 1stly Go to the following link:
. This is the official website of Bangladesh Ministry of Education Board.
Now select "SSC/Dakhil" from Examination option. Now select "2017" from Year option. After that select "Madrasah" from Board option. Then type your Roll and Registration Number and type security math. Then hit on Submit button. Wait few seconds. Your result will appear on another page. You should check below screenshot.

Dakhil Exam Result 2018 by Mobile SMS

Mobile SMS is the another popular way for collecting their education board result. Bangladesh is a developing country. In our country maximum students are poor. They have no any internet connection or they are live in the village. That's why they not able to collect their
Dakhil Exam Result 2018
by Online internet. For these students, Mobile SMS is the best way for collecting their result and it not costly. A student can send a message for 1.65BDT with SD and VAT. So now let see how to send a message for collecting your result.
1stly go to message option and type DAKHIL now give a space and type MAD again give a space and type your Roll Number and give again space and type Passing year as 2017 now send it to 16222 Number. This SMS system powered by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited.
Example: DAKHIL<space>MAD<space>123456<space>2018 send to 16222.
Hope you understand about full SMS format of Dakhil Result 2017. If you want to collect your result through SMS, then try above format from any operator of Bangladesh. If you try from Teletalk operator you may found your result quickly and fast.

Dakhil Result 2018 by Madrasah Education Board

Madrasah Education Board Dakhil Result 2018 by Android Apps

If you have an android smartphone, then you should get your Madrasah Education Board Dakhil Result 2018 by Android apps. Because Bangladesh Education Board published their official android apps for collecting any education board result officially. I think you got happy by hearing this. Because nowadays 90% students and their parents are using an android smartphone. Now if you're willing to download this android app, then go to Google Play Store and install it or go to the following link:

Conclusion of Dakhil Result 2018

If you face any problems or if you have a question about Dakhil result 2018 then immediately leave a comment on the comment section. I recommended you, wait until the result publishes officially. Once the result publishes then try to collect your result after 2:00 PM by online. You should also collect your result from your own institute fast and quickly. Wish you best of luck. Thank you.

May 16, 2017

PSC Result 2017 -

PSC Result 2017
by Primary School Certificate Examination Result that is commonly known as
Prathomik Somaponi Result 2017
. Bangladesh Primary education board will be published
PSC Result 2016
December 30, 2017
. The PSC Exam will be started on 20 November 2016 and the Exam was ended on 30 November 2017. PSC which means Primary Scholarship Certificate Exam was over. Now here is the time to publish the result of PSC Result 2016. So if you are PSC examine you already that PSC exam result will be on December 30 along with the PSC Result 2016 BD. Although the PSC exam is not under Education Borad.Gov.BD it is entity under DPE (Directorate Primary Education. As well you should also get your
JSC Result 2016
from Here.

PSC Result 2017 Bangladesh All Education Boards

The PSC Result 2017 that is Primary School Certificate Exam Result is held in 6 subjects. Grand total marks are 600 so each subject carries 100 marks. The PSC Exam is controlled and managed by the Directorate of Primary Education Bangladesh The specialty of this exam is this is the biggest public exam. A large number of students appear in this Exam every year. DPE Directorate of Primary Education has been published Primary School Certificate PSC Examination Routine 2016. PSC Examination will be started on November 20, and ended on November 28, this year. PSC is also known as Ebtedayi examination in Madrasah education board.

PSC Result 2016 Publish Date

In this year more than
29 Lakhs students appeared in the PSC Exam
. After getting free from their exam they are eagerly waiting for their
PSC Result 2016
. The official website is provided to contact for any matters of Primary School Certificate related exam, Primary Education Exam will be begin from November 23, 2016. PSC Exam abd
JSC Result 2016
will be start with the subject of English and it will be completed by the subject of Mathematics. The most important thing to note is that the PSC and PEC Exam starts at the same day and same time all over the country.

PSC Result 2016 BD From Mobile Phone Teletalk

To getting Bangladesh education board result by mobile is one of the best and easiest way to get PSC Result with all kind of smartphone device. A student can get their result by mobile phone. The result getting system powered by Bangladesh limited. At the present era due to fast packed technology it is very easy to get
PSC Result 2017 BD
from Mobile phone like other results of JSC, JDC, SSC, HSC and the other related Result published from the Education Board Bangladesh. If you wish to get your
PSC Result 2017 BD on you mobile phone, you just need to follow the SMS format which is provide and you can easily collect your PSC Result 2016 BD.
Not Loading?

SMS Format for PSC Result 2016 at Mobile Phone

DPE<Space> Thana Code <Space> Roll No <Space> 2016 and Send it to 16222. For your help here is the example: DPE 1010134589 2016 send it to 16222.

PSC Result 2016 from Online Marksheet:

Another best way to get
PSC Exam Result 2016
by internet with marksheet. This system also powered by
. You should get your result by internet If you are using your system like Pc or Laptop and any device than you can find your
PSC Result 2016
by following:
#Examination: __________________________________
#District: _________________________________
#Thana/ Upazilla: _________________________________
#Passing Year: _________________________________
#Type Roll No: ________________________________

Complete List of Thana Code For PSC Result 2016

Jaipurhat Kushtia Jamalpur Brahmonbaria Barisal Sunamgonj Panchagarh Bogra Meherpur Sherpur Comilla Pirojpur Sylhet Thakurgaon Naogaon Chuadanga Mymensingh Chandpur Jhalokathi Hobigonj Dinajpur Nawabgonj Jhenaidah Netrokona Luxmipur Barguna Moulvibazar Nilphamari Rajshahi Magura Kishorgonj Noakhali Patuakhali Rangpur Natore Jessore Tangail Feni Bhola Lalmonirhat Sirajgonj Narail Gazipur Chittagong Kurigram Pabna Satkhira Narsingdi Cox’s Bazar Gaibandha Khulna Manikgonj Khagrachhari Bagerhat Dhaka Rangamati Narayangonj Bandarban Munshigonj Rajbari Faridpur Madaripur Shariatpur Gopalgonj Some guys are always looking for another way to get easily PSC Result 2016 Bangladesh through the internet website. We have informed that the PSC Exam Result 2016 Bangladesh will be controlled and maintain only Government Mobile Operator in Bangladesh named as TeleTalk Bangladesh Limited. The whole result and related topic and their database collected and stored in TeleTalk Data Store. They have the website,
These two website can help you to find your PSC Result 2016, by following the instructions given in these websites.

  • Categories 
  • District name 
  • Thana/Upazilla
  • Passing Year
  • Roll Number
After completing the all requirements just click on the submit Button and you can get your PSC Result 2016 Bangladesh. In the end we are happy that you are easily understand about PSC Result 2016 Bangladesh. Still if you have any issues regarding
PSC Result 2016
than you can ask via comment box.
This result get process this for all education board of Bangladesh. You should get this result for all boards like (Dhaka Board, Chittagong Board, Rajshahi Board, Comilla Board, Barisal Board, Sylhet Board, Khulna Board, Rangpur Board, Dinajpur Board, Madrasa Board). Just follow some easy ways to get your JSC Result 2016 and PSC Result 2016 easily and quickly. Hope guys this post helped you lot. If yes, then do not forget to share this post with your other friends and social media.